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Spoiled Fruit (The Girls Series Book 4) Sheila Horgan

Spoiled Fruit (The Girls Series Book 4)

Sheila Horgan

Kindle Edition
134 pages
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 About the Book 

In Spoiled Fruit, the girls are off again - this time they are traveling in style - as they turn their attention to Adeline’s two oldest children in an attempt to determine if they are little more than self-indulgent socialites living off the fruits of her labor or if there is something more going on behind mansion doors.Some troubling information has come to Adeline’s attention. She can’t be sure if her grandson’s recent arrival heralds a new beginning or if his parents are trying to manipulate her yet again.With Adeline’s grandson already in town and her younger daughter due back in weeks, it is time to get to the root of the problem. To determine if her adult children are simply a nuisance or if they are a danger. Perhaps a threat to more than her reputation and her legacy.To protect her youngest child, to protect her grandchildren, and perhaps to protect herself, Adeline must react quickly. What has taken a lifetime to build could crumble before her eyes.Adeline and her dearest friends must find the truth and then figure out their next move.