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Beneath the Bare Light Bulb Gloria Risley

Beneath the Bare Light Bulb

Gloria Risley

Kindle Edition
163 pages
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 About the Book 

This memoir is about a silent face inside a castle surrounded by a river of tears where The Author of Life stooped from Heaven to fill the darkest recesses of my soul with such an amazing and intimate love within His own cathedral.Being a child of abuse, I don’t know whether my mental illness came before the abuse or after the abuse. One thing I do know is the many ventures I have had in alternate realms within this world and the hereafter. I have lived in a world where magical creatures dance perfectly synchronized with the Infinite music of the Universe. I have died and saw Heaven and felt the soothing balm of Jesus’ healing love flow not just into my body, but my broken spirit and lifting me up to nobility and beauty. I have walked through gardens that were so deeply spiritual and yet, were filled with a ridiculous joy that one could only feel the graceful unconditional love of a Father who chose me before I was even born. Inside Heaven’s Gates are many gardens, pools that heal, and knowledge so abundant that my finite mind still aches to want more. From Heaven, I saw a great surgeon with two angels guiding his hands. I saw the man I loved burying his eyes in his hands filled with tears and desperately begging God to let me live. In my book, I hold no secrets back of the abuse I suffered, nor my infidelities with my mental illness. It’s what is behind the journal, in typing it into a book that began this journey that led me home to God. Discovering I was always loved and was perfectly created just the way I am and finally learned to forgive and release.