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V.I.P. Azárel



Published April 16th 2012
Kindle Edition
256 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

V.I.P. is an explicit tale of two beautiful women both determined to become very important people by any means necessary. After living in a world where youre only cool if youre the wife of an athlete, or a current T.V star they are both suddenly faced with jealousy and lies. Neither realize ...fame comes with a high, and sometimes deadly price tag. Meet India, the star struck, money hungry honey from Brooklyn, whos dead set on marrying someone well-known....even if she has to steal him from her good friend. In comes Royce, a tantalizing, sexy singer who s searching for fame in all the wrong places. Soon, her past catches up with her and things spiral out of control. By hook, crook, or the good book, one of these ladies will fall hard. If you think you love Basketball Wives, hold onto your seat...V.I.P will blow your mind.