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Number Ten Sue Townsend

Number Ten

Sue Townsend

ISBN : 9780141015118
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 About the Book 

I was sadly disappointed with this and didnt even finish it. Fortunately it was a freebie, a neighbour was moving and put a pile of books out for people to help themselves. :)I loved the Adrian Mole series, or at least the earlier ones. I have to admit that I didnt read the later ones where Adrian has grown up. I also rather liked The Queen and I. But this novel didnt really seem to know what it was trying to say. Britain in 2003 wasnt such an awful place, not as far as I can remember, yet Sue Townsend seems determined to portray it at its worst. And I dont know what she was intending with Edward Clares cross dressing. The idea of a ruler going out in disguise to see how things are in his kingdom is an old one and sending Blair, sorry Clare, on a tour of the country to reacquaint himself with how ordinary people live had a lot of potential for comedy and satire, but for me the book completely missed the mark. In particular I felt that the comedy arising from the fact that the PM is dressed as a woman and starting to enjoy wearing feminine clothes and makeup introduced some very problematical aspects. Another thing I particularly didnt like was Townsends treatment of the Prime Ministers wife. Again Townsend was mocking things that, to me, arent funny, namely things like mental illness and the problems of being an intelligent woman with confidence issues.