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Stonewall to Obama Culver Connor McCall

Stonewall to Obama

Culver Connor McCall

Published January 11th 2014
Kindle Edition
397 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a story of sound, rhythm, style and the power of music to transform a culture. It’s about rock and roll, pop, disco, rap, funk, soul and R&B. It starts with the sounds heard on June 28, 1969 that ignited a revolution and lead to arrests, demonstrations, loss of life, political unrest, anger, fear and a plague. But, most importantly, this is a story of celebration! It’s the story of the gay anthem and how it empowered a group of second class citizens to find its voice and claim its rightful place in society. This is the soundtrack to the modern human rights movement.Music has the power to heal us. It also has an amazing ability to transport us through time and space. We always remember the first time we heard one of our favorite songs. What makes the gay anthem unique? Is there really any difference between a gay song and a straight one? No, not really. But, what resonates with gay people is a songs aspirational quality. The gay anthem is almost always marked with hope, triumph over hardship, self-acceptance, pride, unity, and defiance. Often these songs are performed by big voiced divas. But, male artists have claimed their place in the gay anthem pantheon too.Stonewall to Obama is a coming of age story at the time of Stonewall and the AIDS crisis. Its a haunting love story thats told through the lens of pop music. As homosexuality acceptance sweeps across the globe, its important to remember the generation that ignited the revolution and then was wiped out by AIDS. This is their triumphant story, lovingly told by a survivor.